Breakthrough Investing in Growth Industries

In-Depth Knowledge and Experience

Beachside is unlike other private equity firms. Our members are not all investment bankers. Rather, we possess decades of experience in marketing, sales, general management, consulting and principal investing through merchant banking and real estate. We are successful entrepreneurs who know what it takes to win and have track records to prove it. Our industry knowledge, professional training and experience let us identify and pursue opportunities that other investors cannot.

Partners with Management

Beachside differentiates itself from other private equity firms in the way we work with our portfolio companies. Because Beachside’s professionals have significant prior experience as line managers and consultants, we prefer a hands-on approach. As a result, we can formulate and execute strategies that maximize the long-term value of their businesses.

While we expect to be involved in major decisions, we empower executives to run their respective businesses. We understand the day-to-day problems and frustrations that occur, and work in partnership with managers to solve them. Beachside professionals are active on the Board of Directors and typically act as corporate finance advisors and management consultants as well as line managers for our portfolio companies.


Because business conditions and deal structures vary considerably, Beachside has a flexible style. We undertake transactions traditionally classified as buyouts as well as early and mezzanine-stage venture capital. While Beachside focuses on situations where it can buy a controlling stake in a business, we also take non-control or “side-by-side” positions with management teams, industrial partners and other investors.

Beachside is skilled at structuring deals to satisfy the special needs of sellers. We have particular expertise in transactions involving family businesses and the purchase of subsidiaries or assets from large corporations. We will provide timely and candid feedback on all proposals for investment, and all communications are held in the strictest confidence. Because of our small size and immediate access to capital, we can present offers and close quickly.