Beachside Au, LLC

In 2013 Beachside Capital, LLC began a roll up of various companies active in the manufacturing of various critical components in the Swiss watch industry. This consortium that we helped to aggregate, acquire and build and in which we are still active, is using large amounts of gold & precious metals for their components, for their cases, straps and other parts of those Swiss luxury branded wristwatches.

To enhance the economic success of these companies, we become active in the gold market so we could purchase precious metals for watch manufacturing at a favorable price and ultimately created Beachside Au LLC as a special purpose vehicle in August 2014. Our aim is to become more vertical and find reliable and long terms sellers of gold that we can bring to our selected refineries in Europe. Our goal is to make sure that we have a constant, reliable, price efficient, high quality, safe source of precious metals both for the increasing needs of our ongoing acquisitions as well as for the gold industry in general.