Our Team: Mike Schreiber

CEO & Managing Director of Beachside Capital LLC

Former Chairman and CEO of Stellar Holdings LLC, a holding company created as a domestic and international business incubator to serve major consumer product manufacturers and retail companies. Stellar Holdings generates entrepreneurial ventures, manages consulting projects, completes merchant banking assignments and executes private equity investments.

Stellar Associates, a management consulting and turn around firm to consumer goods and services companies. Clients included Reebok, Sears, BAT, Revlon, Sony, Marvel, Modi Enterprises (India), The Olympic Group (Egypt), Thompson –Miniwax and Warner Lambert.

The Stellar Companies, a private equity firm focused on medical device instruments.

Stellar Products International, an infomercial company based in Tokyo set up as a joint venture with TV Tokyo to sell and market consumer goods to the Japanese market. Established a joint venture with Modi Enterprises (India) to provide health and beauty aid products as the basis to launch Modi Care, their version of Amway.

Stellar Refrigeration, a joint venture with the Refigeracion Ojeda, LTD, Mexico City to build and distribute innovative soft drink refrigerated coolers that hung from the ceiling to c-stores around the world.

Stellar Media Ventures, a joint venture with Sears that distributed direct mail offers in Sears customers mail ordered packages. Sears distributed over 150 million packages annually from 12 distribution centers around the U.S.A. Stellar Media shipped 10-15 million envelopes per month filled with direct mail consumer product offerings from the 12 distribution centers.

Founder & CEO of Coupon Delivery Systems. Inc., a company that distributed 10,000,000 manufacturers cents-off coupon booklets 6 times per year through 11,000 drug stores and mass merchandisers. Coupon booklets were distributed at the checkout counter in photofinishing envelopes. C.D.S. sold coupon space to all of the major package goods manufacturers marketing departments in the U.S.A. and Canada. C.D.S. became the largest in-store coupon vehicle through these channels of distribution

Served as Senior Executive for several corporations including: Kodak, Brown & Williamson (BATUS), Pepsi-Cola, and Sterling Drug.

BA and MBA, Syracuse University