Our Team: Jean-Claude Wehrle

Managing Director Europe

Mr. Wehrle, a Swiss citizen has both a scientific & business background and has been working for most of the last two decades as an international senior executive for various Fortune 100 companies in the food & beverages /nutraceuticals/medical food industry-FMCG & OTC- (Nestlé, Wander-Sandoz), in the packaging industry-food & pharma- (Alcan & Amcor) and in the life sciences-Rx/OTC/downstream processing equipment & consumables- (Novartis, Sartorius, Alusuisse-Lonza), mostly in Europe, Asia & North America.

Mr. Wehrle has worked in various international senior management positions in R&D, manufacturing, sales & marketing, business development, M&A, restructuring, strategic planning, as well as SVP & President/CEO of various large international business units of Fortune 100 companies.

Mr. Wehrle has been working extensively with various early and later stages life science start-ups, both academia spin-outs as well as of private origin, in the drug discovery/Rx/drug compliance/healthcare markets, and also in the field of nutraceuticals/medical foods, both in Europe and in North America .
As CEO and management consultant, he has contributed to ensure a fast growth of those start-ups and optimal competitive positioning in their respective markets, and ensured the required funding & appropriate exit strategies

Mr. Werhle has a BS/MS’s in the biological sciences/chemical engineering/food science and executive MBA from HBS.