Transaction Criteria

Situations of Interest

Beachside invests in companies and products with “breakthrough” potential. Businesses positioned for rapid growth, those that can significantly improve their performance and situations where industry structure can be changed represent the most attractive opportunities. Unlocking this potential takes work. Before investing, we do extensive “bottom-up” analysis of a company, its competitive position and the markets it serves. Beachside looks for situations where our professionals, working in partnership with management and other investors, can create significant amounts of value.

Achieving Rapid Revenue Growth

Geographic expansion of a local or regional business, introduction of innovative products or technologies and expansion out of a profitable niche into related business segments present opportunities for substantial revenue growth. Companies with a strong business concept and clear avenues for expansion appeal strongly to us.

Improving Strategy and Operations

We are not “vulture” investors, but do look for situations where a company can improve its performance significantly by devising a new strategy, reorganizing or improving day-to-day execution. With our backgrounds in consulting and management, Beachside professionals are a resource for executives who want to turn their businesses around or grow at a faster rate.

Changing Industry Structure

A firm with a strong competitive position in its industry can serve as a platform for growth. In mature sectors, acquisition of competitors can generate cost savings and increase market share. In some industries, a discontinuity caused by the introduction of new technology or business concepts provides a window of opportunity to improve revenues and profitability.